Lake District Tree Services

Branding, Website

The Brief

We were approached to brand sister companies Lake District Tree Services and Lake District Stump Grinding. After a successful start and plenty of custom, Simon was looking for branding and a website to create a professional image for the businesses that inspired trust, increased their visibility, and improved the customer experience when finding and booking them.

The Concept

We created a dual brand sharing a tree and stump icon, to represent both aspects of the sister companies. The logo suite is responsive, to maximise legibility and recognisability in all sizes and applications (basically, it can be used as a favicon - the tiny logo on an internet browser tab - up to a billboard, and everything in between!)

A strong masculine colour palette of greens and orange were fitting for the industry, with rust orange to match the chainsaws used in the business. A bold, rough and ready display font in all caps for headings was paired with an easy-on-the-eye font for longer paragraphs of text, in a range of weights to create a strong hierarchy of information.

Brand Values

+ efficient
+ approachable
+ specialist
+ adaptable

Project Outcomes

1. Strategic discovery

2. Branding - logo suite, colour palette, fonts, brand pattern

3. Social media graphics

4. Business stationery

5. Website

Visit the website here: